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Sterling and Company is based in Southern California in the Inland Empire with multiple locations we offer a wide variety of fashion jewelry for the body, mind, and soul.

Belly Button Rings for a Special kind of Bling!!

Rings galore for your belly!

Rings galore for your belly!

Belly button rings…the ultimate statement in jewelry accessorizing for women from all walks of life!  Because let’s face it…jewelry accessories are vital to the look and style of the vast majority of ladies out there!  Most, if not all, have a jewelry box full of rings, ear rings, necklaces, bracelets,  broaches, berets, etc…etc…etc.  But one item may be missing from many women’s collection…the belly button ring.  Here at Sterling & Company Jewelry, we have got what you need to fill that particular jewelry void!

The great thing about a bell button ring is its versatility.  It can be classy or outrageous.  Shiny and stone studded or simple and plain.  Always in plain sight for everyone to admire or hidden under an article of clothing…until it is time for that special someone to enjoy it!  And with our wide selection to choose, you are sure to find something that fits your personality perfectly!

We have cute, dangling belly buttons rings that rock and sway, just a little, as you move about, sure to attract the attention you desire!  We also have stationary studs that are anchored in place, feeling as if they have always been a part of you.  Some are adorned with crystals and stones that shine bright as the light hits them.  some are stainless steel with art on them, art that will require an up and close in order to tell what it is (of course, you decide who gets close enough to see said art!).   And many come with sculpted jewel pieces that will give an indication as to the type of girl you are, including: hearts, stars, crosses, frogs, fangs, musical notes, even cocktail glasses!

So if you need to get your first belly button ring to enhance your personal statement to the world, or you need to get a new one to change you look, or you just want to add to your extensive personal collection, check us out at Sterling Company & Jewelry.  You can visit one our three Inland Empire locations, or click on our online store above for a more convenient shopping experience!  With our friendly service, awesome selection and great prices, you will not only leave completely satisfied…you will leave completely stylish!

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