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Sterling and Company is based in Southern California in the Inland Empire with multiple locations we offer a wide variety of fashion jewelry for the body, mind, and soul.

Ear Plugs R Us!!!

100's of bling to rock around your lobe!

100’s of bling to rock around your lobe!

Tired of traditional stud and loop ear rings?  Looking to make a bold fashion statement?  Want to show of your wild side? Or do you already have a wild side but want to add to your collection?  Sterling & Company Jewelry has everything you could wish for for your ear jewelry needs!

We have a extensive variety of ear made from the most popular materials, including wood, plastic, glass, surgical grade steel…even titanium!  Our ear plugs come in what seems to be endless options with the vast array of sizes, colors, designs and styles available.  From the subtle to the outrageous, we’ve got what you need.  We have some of the most popular character themed ear plugs available, including: Hello Kitty, Batman, professional sports teams, Star Wars, music icons and many more!  And we have an even greater selection of  none specific themed ear jewelry such as zombies, Rastafarian and religious.

We have all the styles that are popular today.  Always wanted to try a tunneled ear plug?  We got ’em!  How about a glow in dark plug?  Or a double flared?  Want a carved face ear plug that has a three dimensional quality to it?  We got that too!  How about a gold plated ear plug to combine both contemporary fashion with modern individuality?  We even have tunneled plugs with shapes in them such as hearts and stars!

And let’s say that that 2 millimeter plug is running its course and you have the itching desire to upgrade to something bigger.  Not worries, we’ve got you covered.  With our wide selection of ear plug tapers and expanders, you are sure to find the item to expand your ear plug capacity up a notch or two (or three!).  Just like our plugs, our tapers and expanders come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes, colors and designs!  From a simple surgical steel straight taper to a bone carved and designed spiral taper, we have what you need to aide in your quest to take your ear plug game to a whole new level! Some of our tapers and expanders are so beautifully intricate that many wear them not as tools to widen their ear lobe piercing, but as stand alone, everyday jewelry!

Now lets say you love the look of your friends cool ear plugs.  But whenever you see them take them out you in turn get totally freaked out!  You are thinking to yourself, ‘I don’t want that huge hole in my ears!’  No problem, you won’t need to huge holes!  We have fake ear plugs that fit normal sized piercings, yet look as if you have a real, big ear plug in!  All of the style with none of the worry of a real ear plug!

So go ahead, click on our online store link at above and check out some of selections!  Or you can come visit us first hand to check some out in person!  And with our friendly service and great prices, you will be sure to come back again and again!  Sterling & Company Jewelry…for all your ear jewelry needs!

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