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Sterling and Company is based in Southern California in the Inland Empire with multiple locations we offer a wide variety of fashion jewelry for the body, mind, and soul.

Hello Kitty! The Gear is Here!

Hello Kitty Gear Wall

Hello Kitty Gear Wall

Hello Kitty products originated from a developed coin purse that was designed by Yuko Shimizu. She is a Japanese Bobtail cat with a cute little red bow on the top. The original coin purse was made in 1974 and later brought to the United State in 1976. Originally Hello Kitty products were made for pre-adolescent females and teens but the popularity of this very cute cat has swept the nation by storm. Now Hello Kitty is for everyone from lunch boxes, to purses, and accessories galore. Hello Kitty has made her mark on American Culture and 40 years later she has kept her tail in the air.

Sterling Company carries a huge supply of Hello Kitty accessories and gear. We carry super fluffy plush pillows, carrying cases, body jewelry, rings, purses, and even backpacks. Each one of our stores has a wall designated for all the hot new Hello Kitty item.  If you are looking for a great local place to get your kitty on then Sterling Company and Back Stage are the places to be.

Hello Kitty makes a great gift for younger kids and teens but even more of a great gift for Hello Kitty Collectors.

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