Famous Betty's Hamburgers

Famous Betty’s Hamburgers

For anyone who grew up in Redlands in the past 20 years they know of Becky’s Famous Hamburgers, then a quick change of ownership it became Betty’s Famous Hamburgers and last year they closed down. Now they are back in full stride with new owners who know a little something about making a good burger. Since they are our neighbors in Redlands we thought we would give them a little shout out, after we tried their burgers of course.

Their burgers have big juicy patties and all fixing piled high and are worthy of being Betty’s Burgers once again. Most of the original fixtures are there including the huge Murial on one side of the wall, the pictures along the other side of the wall featuring Elvis, and other celebrities and most importantly the original Jukebox and it still plays like a charm. We even spoke to some of the workers and they are planning on getting the mini jukebox’s at each table working once again.

Betty’s Burger has been a historical business in Downtown Redlands since they opened 20 years ago and it is great to see they are back again serving great burgers back in Redlands.