At Sterling and Company and Back Stage, we understand that everyone appreciates a good deal now and then. That’s why we’re committed to offering value in ways that genuinely suit our customers. Though you won’t find traditional mail-out coupons or newspaper ads from us (we dislike receiving unwanted mail as much as you do!), we do provide exclusive online coupons redeemable on our website, For our in-store patrons, we have special programs designed for savings – you just need to know where and how to find them!

For instance, the secret to unlocking our best in-store deals? Just ask our friendly associates! More often than not, we have hidden discounts waiting to be revealed. For example, did you know our basic sunglasses are priced at $8.99 a pair, but you can get two for $15, and three for just $20? Or that our tongue rings are 3 for $10? And it’s not just limited to these – we have countless such deals to make your shopping experience a delight.

First-time shoppers, we’ve got something special for you too. Enjoy a 5% discount when you check-in at our store using the Yelp app on your smartphone. Simply download Yelp on your iPhone or Android, check-in through Facebook or any other social networks it offers, show our associate the confirmation screen, and voila – enjoy 5% off your first purchase!

But it doesn’t stop there – we truly appreciate our loyal customers and love to see them return. To say thank you, we offer all our returning customers a 10% discount. All you need to do is bring your old receipt to enjoy this saving. And guess what? Our receipt discounts never expire! We know keeping hold of a receipt isn’t always easy, but for a 10% saving across our entire store, we think it’s well worth it!