Redlands Market Night during the Day

Redlands Market Night during the Day Light

The Redlands night market is still one of the most treasured things to do in Redlands and to become a part of the community. Located on State Street in Down Town Redlands between Orange and Redlands Boulevard every Thursday night from 6:00pm till 9:30pm. The street gets closed down and local vendors from all over Redlands come to sell their produce, products, and even services.

This is a great place to pick up all your fresh vegetables and fruits all from local grown farms which will keep you healthy while give your taste buds the ecstasy they are due. Most of the local produce vendors also give free samples so you can try their delicious apples, oranges, and other types of fruits free of charge before you decide to buy.

Walking up and down the street is about 1/4 a mile so one pass around you are doing 1/2 a mile which will promote good health and exercise once a week. Most people now a days do not exercise and even once a week can make a difference in your over all life style giving you extra energy and strength as time goes on.

Some of the vendors at Night Market also produce their own products such as home made chocolates, home made scented soaps, and even art painting. You will find a lot of original products that you can not find in the store or markets. Plus you are supporting the local small business that maybe one day will be bigger than they could ever imagined and you could of been a part of their growth. The Local artists are phenomenal and just as good as some of the the great artist of the world if you are looking for a center piece for your home.

The food vendors at market night are also awesome some of the local favorite food is the fresh cooked Kettle corn, Roasted Corn, and Fresh cooked BBQ. Plus all of the regular restaurants are open featuring the crazy but delicious Gourmet Pizza, Betty’s Famous Hamburgers, and more.

There area also a lot of stores that stay open during the whole Market Night including us, Sterling & Co.