Organic Natural Wood Ear Plug Jewelry

Organic Natural Wood Ear Plug Jewelry

Did you know that Sterling and Company brings in All Natural Organic Wood Ear Plugs? We carry hand made carved Organic wood plugs that seem impossible to replicate, each one is sanded down to a smooth finish and then treated to seal the texture and to bring out the grains of the wood. Each hand crafted wood plug and earring looks like a master piece and is great for any occasion, most of our wood plugs also represents culture, religion faith, and significance.

Some of the best wood plugs we offer are Thai Elephants, Scarabs, Anubis the Egyptian God, Koi Fish, and wolves with a brilliant high definition look.

Because each of our wood plugs are Natural and Organic this means they carry nothing more that can irritate skin. If you have allergies to metal or get skin discoloration from other metallic earrings or ear plugs then a pair of wood earrings or ear plugs can help you solve that problem since there are very few people that and allergic to natural organic woods. They also do not absorb odors that most acrylics, and metals can keep. Wooden Ear plugs are also very light weight so that you do not over stretch your ears anymore than you wish them to be.

The best way to take care of yourself and your wood plugs is by cleaning them with jojoba oil or natural wood oils such and linseed oil or cedar oils. If you are stretching or expanding your ears with Wood plugs we recommend using the jojoba oil for easy slip in and the oil will keep your skin moist and pliable for an accelerated healing process.

In most cases wood earrings or ear plugs are much better for your skin and body and with our fantastic designs there is always something for everyone.