Survival & Collctible Knives

Survival & Collectible Knives

A good knife is hard to find, and definitely a good knife that you can get for under 30 dollars that is why we carry WarTech and Tac-Force Knives made of Surgical Steel and made for durability and visual experience. Each knife comes with a standard 4 inch fat and think blade that is built sharp and for heavy duty action, a quick release flip out, and a blade lock for safety. There are even a few blades that come with different great options such as a twine and rope cutter, glass punch, straight edge razor, and even conformed hand grip for easy handle.

There are multiple styles such as the Scorpion Knife, Skull Blades, Glaves, and Military Survival knives. These are priced top moved and made to last years depending on how much you use them. As a collector these knives make great centerpieces on a wall, or table. As a survivalist these knives are developed for easy use and day to day extreme durability. The blades do no wiggle and the blades take much longer to dull.

Make sure you take care of the knives you have with wet stones and cleaners.